Monin Banane Verte Syrup


A different take on traditional banana flavours. Try this green banana syrup for something different.

A taste sensation to add colour to desserts, sundaes, mochas, lattes, lemonades, teas, mocktails and sodas

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Monin Banane Verte Syrup is a different way to add a green banana taste to your favorite refreshments and desserts. Made with selected ingredients and pure cane sugar, this syrup gives you the opportunity to experiment with authentic flavoring and unusual colour that is limited only by your imagination.

One of the most popular fruits in the world, the banana can be enjoyed by those looking for a wholesome and nutritional snack at any time or it can be transformed into a delicious topping for  desserts.

Tasting Notes:
Satisfying flavor capturing the true essence of green bananas

Ideal to use for:
Sundaes, desserts, mochas, lattes, lemonades, teas, mocktails and sodas

Bottle size:  750ml


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