Monin Frosted Mint Syrup


A cool spearmint taste and distinctive aroma, ideal to combine with chocolate flavours.

Add extra zing to smoothies, lemonade, cream sodas, mocktails, teas and cocoas

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Monin Frosted Mint Syrup is an ideal way to add a cool spearmint taste to beverages and cooking.  Combine with chocolate flavours for that extra taste sensation.

Mint is an aromatic and pleasant herb and has cooling proprieties that make it one of the most appreciated and used herbs worldwide.  Commonly used with meat and game dishes, in confectionary and in traditional hot teas.

Tasting Notes:
Distinctive aroma, refreshing and long lasting spearmint taste

Ideal to use for:
Mochas, smoothies, lemonades, cream sodas, sodas, mocktails, teas and cocoas

Bottle size:  750ml


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