Isabella Spagnolo Ice Pink



Fresh and fruity, easy to drink with a slightly sweet, natural taste.

Best served chilled and an ideal drink for any occasion

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Isabella Spagnolo Ice Pink is a non-fermented, non-pasteurized grape must and therefore a very special drink, that is quite unique and protected by international patent in over 100 countries throughout the world. (Must is the juice pressed from grapes before it begins to ferment).

Made in Prosecco Italy, this unique drink is made in the Italian style, and comes from the grape variety “Glera” and has a fresh and fruity bouquet featuring a delicate, harmonic taste.  Rich in minerals, it is a unique, pleasantly invigorating drink that is pleasantly sweet, natural and with a flowery perfume.

With Zero Alcohol content, Isabella Spagnoto Ice Pink is a fresh micro filtered and carbonated grape must.  This delicious, slightly sweet drink has all the characteristics of a sparkling wine but due to the unique style of manufacture it cannot be technically classed ‘wine’, nor however is it a pasteurized juice.

An ideal drink for children or anyone who wants to enjoy the pleasure of a healthy, pleasant, nicely refreshing drink without alcohol. Isabella Spagnoto drinks have been patented world wide and are all Halal compatible. 

Serve chilled, ideally around 5 – 6 C.

Ideal to serve with:

Serve anytime, compliments pastas, Asian foods, light meats like chicken or fish 

Product of Italy

Bottle size 750 ml


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