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Here’s a great opportunity for red wine lovers to try several of our most popular red wines

Our pick of red wines from America, Spain, Germany and some of the best from Australia

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With this selection of mixed reds you’ll have the opportunity to sample delectable red wines from around the world. We’ve brought together wines from America, Spain, Germany and of course some of the best from Australia 

Emina Zero Red (Spain)

Elegant and velvety

Blue Nun (Germany)

This historic name is the latest in de-alcoholised wines A heritage Red Blend from famous wine maker Blue Nun of Germany established 1857 Soft and fruity red wine contains around 0.1% vol.alcohol. New to Australia. Screw top 750ml bottle Blue Nun is one of the world’s best known wine brands, made in the Rhine Valley Germany since 1921. Today Blue Nun is produced by L W Langguth, on of Germany’s major wine and spirits companies. The alcohol removed wines a re produced using temperature controlled fermentation that results in remarkable outcomes in taste, aroma and smoothness plus a fruity aftertaste.

Billabong Red (Australia)

Displays a fuller body with light oak characteristics and dry taste. It is a great compliment to grills, roast beef or lamb, italian dishes or delicious served with dark meats and vegetables

Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

A delicious hearty dry to medium wine with balanced acidity, tannin levels and hints of fruit flavours like blackberry, raspberry and cherry.  Great served with heavier meat dishes and mild to moderate cheeses or dishes seasoned with black pepper.

Señorio la Tautila Vinto Tinto Red (Spain)

This wine presents a surprising presence of fruit behind the wood of the barrel.  A ripe cherry red coloured wine of mild intensity, it is a non aggressive wine that has a pleasant aftertaste.

Fre Premium Red (America)

Deep ruby colour and ripe, black cherry scented aromas, smooth and rich. Intriging smoky flavour.

Weinkonig Merlot  (Germany)

Weinkonig Merlot has a rich bouquet that develops fine aromas of black currant and delicate herbs. This dry red wine is alcohol free and is produced from carefully selected wines which have had the alcohol filtered out of the wine by special procedures. This wine is ideal for people who want to enjoy wine without the effects of alcohol. Ideal to serve with: This dry red wine is delicious with a wide range of foods like beef stew, roasts, red sauced pastas. Experiment with chilli’s, rich Italian style meals and even salads.

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