Billabong Brut


A debonair sparkling wine with a light floral nose and of medium to dry vinosity. One of the very best de-alcholized sparkling wine available.

Ideal for any occasion with or without food, or toast to a good health on festive occasions.

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Billabong Brut is a de-alcoholized wine made by Billabong Wines of South Australia, and is a fresh, dry sparkling “wine”, which surprises and delights with its bright pale straw colour and plenty of small even bubbles – always a sign of a good sparkling.
In a punted champagne bottle with traditional muselet wire enclosure, there is a light floral aroma with a hint of fresh green apples on the nose from the first pop of the cork.
The palate has great mouthfeel, with some vinosity and a good clean finish, as expected in a quality sparkling. The taste is refreshing with zingy acid to clean the palate. A great alternative to traditional pinot/chardonnay sparkling and if served “blindfolded” most people would not even pick that it is de-alcoholised.
Truly a lovely drink!

Ideal to serve with:
Any festive occasion or special events, or simply enjoy by itself.

Alcohol: Refrigerate after opening

Product of Australia

Bottle size 750 ml

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Weight 1 kg


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