Billabong White De-Alc


A medium dry bodied de-alcoholized white wine with refreshing natural fruity flavours.

It is best served chilled (not ice cold) with white meats, summer salads and Asian style dishes.

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Billabong White is a delightful flavour-some wine made from a blend of grapes grown in South Eastern Australia and contains less than .5% alcohol, which is a level similar to that found in natural fruit juices.  One of our most popular white wine selections, this wine has no added sugar.

Made by Billabong Wines of South Australia, this is a de-alcoholized wine which retains all the taste of alcoholic wine but has not of the adverse effects of associated health risks. 

Ideal to serve with:
Serve with white meats, summer salads and Asian style dishes.  Serve chilled for best taste.

Refrigerate after opening

Product of Australia

Bottle size 750 ml

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Weight 1 kg


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