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EminaSin .5%

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Product Description

EminaSin Verdejo

Wine description:

A selective harvesting of Verdejo grapes, a low-alcohol fermentation, a deconstruction process and a reconstruction gives us this excellent product, that maintains the wine properties but with 0.5% of alcohol.

Tasting Notes:

Sight: Yellow pale with lemon edging, clean and bright.

Smell: Herbs and ansineed tones from the Verdejo variety. Clean aromas of green apple, grapefruit and lavender.

Mouth Feel: It is fresh, with measure acidity, citrus and green apple aromas. 

Formats: 750 ml 

Training Method: Traidinal white wine making, molecular deconstruction and reconstruction taking out alcohol.

Year vineyard planted: 1988

Varietal Composition: 100% Verdejo.

Harvest time: October.

Fermentation: 10-14 days in stainless steel tanks (26 Celsius)    

Aged 12 months

Alcohol: 0.5% volume

Residual Sugar (g/l): 8g/100 ml 

Energy Content: 33,9 Kcan/100 ml

pH Level: 3-3,1

Acidity: (g/l): 5,7-5,8 g/l 

Product of Spain

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