Festillant Brilliant


A bubbly non-alcoholic wine that is not overly sweet, it is made from the Cuvee variety of grape


Festillant Brilliant

This delicious sparkling wine is for those that want a bubbly non-alcoholic wine that is not overly sweet. Made from the Cuvee variety of grape, this sparkling wine has a pale yellow  glimmer of golden bursts and a nose that features apple and citrus notes.

Festillant Brilliant has a living and enduring foam that is slightly fruity with an ample, sustained palate, light elegance and beautiful finish.

Less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, the alcohol has been removed in a vacuum at a low temperature. Only 72 calories (300kj) per 240ml serving which is 1/3 of a compatible sparkling wine. It contains sulphur dioxide

Best served well chilled, it is ideal to serve with any light dish, salads or cheese

Product of Germany

Bottle size 750 ml



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