Patritti White Grape Sparkling


A clear, sparkling, medium dry grape juice with fresh fruit flavours and a cleansing finish.

Serve with lighter meats, creamy pastas or Asian style meals


Patritti White Grape Juice is a non-alcoholic grape fruit juice which is 100% natural, with only premium fruit being used from regions of South Eastern Australia.

PATRITTI WINES has been producing premium quality non-alcoholic grape and fruit juices since the 1970‘s and uses a unique process of freshly picked grapes collected and refrigerated at zero degrees Celsius to prevent fermentation.  The juice is then filtered, bottled and pasteurised within the bottle,  ensuring the preservation of the juice’s fresh natural grape flavour and goodness.

The high quality bottled juices contain no alcohol, no added sugar and no artificial colouring or flavouring. This guarantees the finest of quality and offers a healthier non-alcoholic beverage alternative.

Ideal to serve with:
Serve with lighter meats, creamy pastas or Asian style meals.

Product of Australia

Bottle size 750 ml


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