Vintense Chardonnay


Subtle citrus notes with 0.00% alcohol, this wine can be best described as ‘rich’, making it very popular.

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Vintense Chardonnay

A very refreshing wine with subtle citrus notes, this wine can be best described as ‘rich’, which makes it very popular.

Vintense Chardonnay has 0.00% alcohol and is made from wines selected for their character, fineness and aromatic subtleties. De-alcoholization of the wine uses a vacuum evaporation method, at low temperature to preserve the wine qualities. Contains only 25 kcal per glass compared to approximately 80 kcal per glass of traditional wine.

Ideal to serve with poultry, fish and seafood, Vintense Chardonnay has 0.00% alcohol.

Product of France

Bottle size 750 ml

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