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Welcome to our range of non alcoholic wines, beers and grape juices from around the world.

Delivery times from Geelong generally are 3 days from collection to your destination via couriers. We will pack and send your order promptly but do not guarantee delivery time. Freight is set as a minimum $15. For remote areas an additional calculation will be notified to you.

Choose from:

  • Non-alcoholic and de-alcoholized wines from Australia, Europe and the United States
  • Premium fruit juices from Australia
  • Non-alcoholic and de-alcoholized beers with 1/3 less Calories than alcoholic beer
  • Fruit cordials
  • Bio-dynamic and certified organic products
  • Spirits from the USA
  • New products arriving regularly

Try our wines and juices, be adventurous with your selections and you’ll be impressed with the quality, taste and value of our products. Select products and bottle quantity, they will go to a CART. At the end of the selection, freight will be added and you will be requested to select a payment method.

Mixed Red & White Wine Selections

Here’s a great opportunity for lovers of RED or WHITE varieties to try several of our most popular wines in these specially selected mixed packs.

We’ve selected wines from America, Spain, Germany and some of the best from Australia for your taste enjoyment.

Loxton Cabernet Sauvignon

A delicious hearty dry to medium wine with balanced acidity, tannin levels and hints of fruit... Read more

Billabong White De-Alc

A medium dry bodied de-alcoholized white wine with refreshing natural fruity flavours. It is... Read more

Loxton Semillon Chardonnay

Pale in hue, this is a dry to medium wine showing excellent balance or fruit flavours and acidity.... Read more

Billabong Red

A fuller bodied red wine with oak characters and graced with a soft dryness. It is an ideal... Read more